Tailored solutions at both the design and programming levels

«Our main objective was aimed at the standardization of the day to day  processing of  a testimonials_bubblelarge quantity of data closely related to our activities. Before meeting up with the team from MAG Integration, we did not find anything on the market that directly met our needs. For the past 7 years that we have been working with them, things have been going well. The service, the programming speed, everything is going according to schedule. 

«The implementation of the solutions from MAG Integration has had a positive impact on our activities in general. We have avoided errors, facilitated our employees’ work, expanded our business without adding on more personnel. As far as data entry and invoicing are concerned, everything has been simplified and improved and consequently this has been greatly appreciated by our customers. 

 Groupe Signalisation, leaders in the management of road signs and signals

Mi-Trace™, a new era in food traceability

«Up till now, I see only advantages in Mi-Trace when comparing it to our previous system.The implementation was done gradually, purchasing, labelling, stock management, production, shipping and delivery. The team from MAG has always given us rapid service and has always been readily available.»

«The most important food industries are required to meet the GFSI standard. Mi-Trace has proven to be a great asset in helping us meet this standard. When we are audited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, we can submit a report that meets the inspectors’ expectations within less than an hour.  Before Mi-Trace, inventory discrepancies were over 40%, now they are under 10% and we are still improving.»

The Groupe Alimentaire Nordique, the biggest seafood processing plant in Quebec

Mi-Trace™ : Availability of the MAG team= quick adaptation within the company

«MAG Integration’s support is truly excellent. They are always readily available. Their team was very helpful and consequently, we were able to adapt more quickly. With MAG’s support, I was able to implement the software and build a program, which is not that difficult, and the operation is,  as a matter of fact, quite easy.  Some employees were quite afraid of this change and today some could even teach us some.»

«With our customers, everything went well.  At first we were afraid of bugs in the system, especially after the total implementation, but nothing of the kind happened.  Before Mi-Trace, everything was done manually and the risk of error was always present. Now, the system compiles, verifies and confirms that the orders are complete.»

Les Sœurs en Vrac, specialized in the import and distribution of nuts, dried fruit and other spices

Mi-Trace™ = Optimization of work organization 

«The implementation of the Mi-Trace system allows us to optimize the work organization. At the end of the day, I have all the relevant information regarding my company’s products, where the product comes from and to whom I have sold it.  One click and we have all the answers. This is crucial for a company that transports 10 000 kg of chicken per day.»

«As an exporter to the United States, we want to be on the move and we want the inspections to be carried out quickly. When working with paper documents, this isn’t always evident. With Mi-Trace, the answers come more rapidly, we save time, our days are  easier. Thanks to this, Mi-Trace has paved the way for us to work with new clients.»

Aliments Vestar, an important chicken processing  firm