The Technologies In Use

MAG Integration uses an infrastructure technology based on an integration and development platform in the same environment.  In order to do this, Magic, .NET and PHP technologies are used. The use of these three technologies ensures productivity and an operational platform whose efficiency is beyond compare.

Often, when business processes change within an organization, we endeavour to share information among systems and several user interfaces and terminals.  MAG Integration has the expertise and the technological solutions which will provide you with all the tools needed to link the systems and data in your organization.  Thus, you can adapt to all the changes and demands of your organization. 



Magic is a development and integration tool based on the concept of metadata and logical programming.

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 A Simplified Approach

The development or integration of new systems gives rise to many questions:

      • Understanding the business process
      • Compatibility with earlier systems
      • Connectivity regarding the server
      • Reliability 
      • Scalability of applications
      • Support for multiple interfaces « Responsive »

Owing to Magic’s development environment, MAG Integration can definitely ensure a drastic reduction in the complexity of your projects.  By reusing the existing code instead of creating new ones, you increase the productivity of the integration and development of your new applications.

Logical Programming

At MAG’s, technological choices allow us to avoid complexity at the levels of development and integration. Since Magic is a rule-based technology, it is easy to rapidly create a prototype based on the objectives and operating requirements. Thus, efforts are directed towards the aim of the project, and not focussed on the technical means necessary to attain it. Moreover, a considerable amount of time is saved and the organization remains competitive cost-wise in terms of implementation.


In a platform based on metadata the rational behind the application is defined by means of properties, rules and parameters stored in a data-stocked warehouse. This warehouse also comprises all the components of the application, such as the business logic, forms and data processing. Because the metadata are independent from the platform, the metadata engine can function with multiple servers and client platforms. It can thus run a given application, regardless of the technology or underlying architecture.
The development based on metadata is highly structured and completely code free, thus decreasing the efforts exerted at the development and deployment stages by eliminating the risk of human error and repetitive actions, such as compiling or data linking.
Using a data-stocked warehouse contributes to sound project management regardless of complexity. The maintenance of applications developed by large teams is thereby facilitated. 

Scalable Architecture

The scalability of a system is considered crucial at MAG’s. A system can be developed by a sole user and up to thousands of users, regardless of the architecture of the server manager. Our servers ensure that resource management is maximized. Consequently, we can ensure that your applications function at an optimal level and according to your specific requirements.
Moreover, since the tools used are based on metadata, the configuration of the architecture follows a centralized approach, which provides operational reliability as well as continued operation ensuring complete security.

Sustainability of the systems
The use of metadata makes for a simplified updating process when going from one generation of technology to the next. MAG Integration’s approach, relying on Magic’s tools, enables us to successfully make this transition without having to improve the original programming. Thus, we can provide you with upgrades in a simple and transparent manner.
MAG Integration has successfully implemented many migration projects. With each one of these projects, we gained an insight into the power and flexibility of an approach based on metadata and its capability to preserve the value of the existing technological investments.

Support for multi-OS- Mobility

Today every company must foresee that their systems operate in a multi-platform environment. With the arrival on the market of smart phones and tablets, it is now possible to envisage total compatibility with these platforms. This evolution enables you to improve your competitiveness and remain at the forefront of new technology. From now on, you become accessible at any level regardless of the device used by your employees, partners and clients.





This technology developed by Microsoft from Framework.Net enables us to offer you a high degree of flexibility regarding programming for your specific needs. The use of .NET as the programming language offers almost infinite possibilities. ASP.NET offers the major advantage, when compared to other technologies, of separating the contents of the web page, the layout and the programming from the dynamic aspects.

  • Languages Used: C#, VB.Net, JavaScript.Net… and many other languages sharing the Common Language Runtime of Framework.Net.
  • Portability: The technology is implemented on the Microsoft web servers.
  • Performance: Excellent performances, since the whole code is compiled (either beforehand, or on the fly).
  • Use: Any type of web application can be created with ASP.NET.

There are many advantages to this architecture:

Your applications will run faster than with an interpreted language, since the latter will have been pre-compiled into a language already closer to the machine.

Using CLR (Common Language Runtime), our developers do not preoccupy themselves with certain aspects, especially those pertaining to memory. A garbage collector (translated as ramasse miette) will free the unused memory resources; the memory leaks will automatically be detected and corrected.

Regardless of the language (C#,, F#, etc.) used, the intermediary language will be exactly the same. For example, we will be able to create the logic and the visual aspect of your application using C#, and then use another language such as JavaScript to program the business processes and database queries.

And finally, regardless of the Windows platform you own, (XP, Vista, Windows Server, etc.), if you have installed your program will function. A part of functions even under Unix; a copy of a program suffices to make it function from one system to another.


The mastery of the different programming languages is a definite advantage when faced with having to develop tailor-made applications for your clients. The survival of your applications often depends on a perfect inter connectivity of data between your different systems and/or interfaces. These solutions require a particular expertise to integrate diverse technologies: programming languages, databases, Internet, smart phones or specialized devices. At MAG Integration, you will find this expertise and our qualified experts will be able to guide you towards the best decisions. Contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Customized Management Interfaces
  • Acceleration Software of certain processes
  • Script for queries and modifications of existing databases (SQL, MySQL)
  • Interface with your present systems
  • Addition of components to your CMS
  • Development of tailor-made applications according to your needs (multi languages)
  • Adaptive hybrid application (internet and mobile)
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