Become a mobile enterprise, speed up your accomplishments!

Keep the computer assets of your enterprise, we will adapt them to your new needs.

In terms of mobility, MAG Integration invites you to invent the future without erasing your enterprise’s memory. Rest assured, you will not have to start again at zero. One need only adapt your existing computer environment in order to quickly propel you forward.


Keep your team connected, everywhere and at all times

The MAG Integration development platform enables every team member to connect to the enterprise’s strategic /computer applications from their mobile units, in total security. With our scalable technology, one can have access to all applications, legacy, existing and future, as well as manage all the current mobile operating systems : iOS, Android, Windows mobile, etc.

By managing the built-in functions of the smart phone (tactile interface, GPS integration, …/camera), MAG solutions fully meet expectations regarding the most complex information exchanges, without jeopardizing functions and security.



With MAG Integration, invest in mobility

Based on a proven technology, the mobility MAG proposes, gives you access to Cloud without any complications.  Supported by a distributed internet architecture, extremely mobile among the different deployment environments, our mobile solutions speed up the development and deployment of applications while simplifying maintenance. No need for specific skills on your behalf, the access is readily available via a single interface.

Secure mobility

The mobile solution enables you to encrypt transferred and cached data, a very reliable authentification and attribution of the user roles. The level of security is as high as that of the applications installed locally on the work station.

Reduced complexity in projects 

By relying on cutting edge tools without a generation code, you benefit from a flexible technology providing simplicity and speed in use and maintenance. No need to use code or language scripts.  

Mobility is within your grasp

With MAG Integration,  you will master mobility and take the lead, now and for a long time! 

Be ready for the future, from now on.  The world is evolving, you can evolve faster.

Safeguard the value of your current computer investments.

Rest assured, no need to start from scratch. One need only adapt your current computer environment in order to quickly propel you forward.  In terms of mobility, MAG Integration invites you to create the future without erasing your enterprise’s memory. 

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