› Real time inventory management

› Bar coded transactions with PDAs

› Bin, boxes and skid ID printing

› Multiple receiving per purchase order

› Product can reside in multiple bin locations

› Inventory movements, adjustments and cycle counts

› Replenishment report

› Wave picking

› Multiple deliveries per order

› Order grouping for shipping

› Delivered quantity control with bar code scanning

› Shipping and transport documents

› Return management

› Kitting work orders

› Multiple warehouses

› Rights and groups of rights per user


› Open orders (qty, $)

› Shipped orders (qty, $)

› ABC classifications

› Log of user transaction

› Replenishment reports

› Purchasing and receiving


Mi-WMS™ software insures inventory precision through real time transactions. The use of bar codes and RF scanners provides extra validations and reduces man hours required for quality control and shipment accuracy.

 Placing goods in bar coded locations grants employees and managers a better control when it comes to moving or picking goods. Also facilitates stock counting routines.

 Creating a picklist for an order or a group of orders enables wave picking with reduces and optimizes roaming time in the warehouse. 

› Physical inventory counts

› Misplaced inventory

› Inventory shortages

› Lost or misplaced orders

› Increased labor costs / reduced productivity

› Lack of visibility of warehouse operations

› Excess safety stock / «Just in case» inventory

› Shipping errors

› Receiving errors


› Are you spending too much time looking for goods ?

› Are you experiencing a high rate of incorrect or returned shipments ?

› How often do you shut down portions of your warehouse to conduct physical counts ?

› Are your warehouse labor costs increasing ?

› Are you able to relocate products based on their velocity profiles ?

› Are some customers more difficult to serve than others ?

› Would a shorter shipping delay benefit your sales ?

› Are you considering the use of bar codes in your warehouse ?

› How many employees are involved in your warehousing operations ? Over 5 ?


Mi-WMS™ offers a better control of the management of warehouses for the distributors and various manufacturers.

This Warehouse Management System solution is especially designed for manufacturing and distribution coporations that aim to increase inventory accuracy and shipping conformity.

By achieving those objectives, warehouse managers will be in position to optimize operations and reduce order fulfillment cycle time, improve customer satisfaction and increase share holder’s value.


Proposed solutions


  • Support both fully automated and semi-automated processes
  • Multilangual user interface
  • Use of RF by function, according to operational needs
  • Easy integration with existing business systems
  • Modular solution


  • ABC analysis
  • Optimized operations : inventory positionning, multiple order picking
  • Cost established according to the number of users and modules installed
  • Improvement of labor / sales ratio
  • Real time data capture


  • Bin location management
  • Shipping and receiving quality control
  • Cycle counts replace physical inventory
  • Lower inventory
  • Optimized put-away and order picking

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