• Purchasing and receiving
  • Order taking and dynamic customer profiles
  • Price lists and discounts
  • Inventory of raw materials and finished products
  • Production and batch tracking
  • Processing and recipes
  • Distribution
  • Tagging and weighing in real time
  • Shipping and invoicing
  • Costing

  • Traceability
  • Inventory of raw materials
  • Inventory of finished products
  • Receiving register and compliances
  • Production planning
  • Finished product expiry dates
  • Production reports
  • Dynamic label printing register

The Mi-TRACE® application integrates uniquely with your scale and thermal printers avoiding the costly installation of computers in the production environment.

A wireless environment (Wi-Fi) allows you to perform tasks in real time and to save valuable time updating the production data and inventory.

The application also manages handheld devices, tablets, and mobile printers that meet current standards of mobile technology.

  • Management of laborious tasks
  • Standards and regulations (HACCP, GFSI, etc.)
  • Redundancy of data entry
  • Manual batch management
  • Recall management
  • High labour costs
  • Stock shortfalls
  • Mistakes in orders
  • Expiry date management
  • New production setups
  • Traceability deficiencies
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Laborious reporting
  • Manual billing

  • Are box weights added by hand?
  • Do you manage every production step on paper?
  • Are your scales and printers linked to and integrated with the network?
  • Are your inventories on paper or Excel?
  • Do you confirm your orders manually?
  • Do you manually manage expiry dates?
  • Do you manually record your batches on paper?
  • Are you able to manage or simulate a recall within the required delay?

Mi-TRACE® enables rigorous management of the traceability of products processed in agri-food operations.

This traceability management software was specially designed for agri-food processing companies. Mi TRACE® enables these companies to efficiently manage the new quality standards of their industry.

Once installation is complete, Mi-TRACE® is integrated in the production line, being connected to scales and label printers. Production managers are then able to obtain and print the weights as well as the necessary information for the traceability of the goods, in addition to being able to supply the detailed reports required by customers.



Proposed Solutions


  • Automated and semi-automated processes
  • Interface language chosen by user
  • Modular solution, adapted to your specific needs
  • No need to replace existing accounting systems


  • Optimized start-up and packaging operation
  • Continuous traceability
  • Integration of scales and printers with the network
  • Simultaneous labeling and packaging


  • RF and bar-code capabilities
  • Inventory and processing management
  • Quality control in receiving and shipping
  • Inventory control by expiry dates