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› Labour-intensive manual invoicing

› Redundancy in manual data entry

› Errors in orders and on invoices

› Scattered and inaccurate inventories

› Frequent stock shortages

› Inaccessible sales statistics

› Numerous returns and expired products

› Numerous and varying price listings

› Time-consuming margin calculations


› Are order intakes done on paper? 

› Are invoicing errors frequent?

› Is the planning of delivery routes labour-intensive? 

› Is the management of your inventories deficient ?

› Do you have a great amount of returns to deal with?

› Do clients complain about errors in delivery/invoicing?

› Does the direct sales team complain about lacking information in order to be proactive?

 If the answer to one of these questions is yes, mi-Run can help you!

Mi-RUN  application supports handheld computers, PC tablets and mobile printers which meet the current industrial mobile technology standards. 

Mi-RUN™ integrates with standard printers, modems, cell phones as well as with other required peripheral equipment. 

› Compatible with Android tablets, iPad / iOS and Windows Mobile

› Interfaces with existing financial and accounting systems

› Can be configured by the user

› Facilitates the exchange of electronic data

› Supports relational databases (SQL Server)

› Compatible with Crystal Report


Mi-RUN  focuses on the efficiency of mobile sales and direct delivery for on-road orders and invoicing.

Mi-RUN  is a mobile management software developed by MAG Integration, specially designed for manufacturing and distribution enterprises endowed with a sales and direct delivery team.

Mi-RUN  offers salesmen and delivery teams the utmost autonomy by allowing them to self-manage their inventory, add items to an order, deal with returns and provide clients with completed invoices in real time. Inventories are always up-to-date, planning of production and loading is facilitated.  Errors in orders and delivery are reduced, thus enhancing client satisfaction. 




  • Fast, direct and complete invoicing by the sales/delivery man
  • Easy integration with the existing management and accounting systems
  • Easy to set up and use software
  • Data entry on keyboard, touch- screen or bar code scanner
  • Economical and flexible modular system


  • Standardizes  order intakes
  • Maximized route planning
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Tangible production gains on a short-term basis
  • Functional advantages to bar code management


  • Reliable and careful management of the inventories
  • Simplified handling of returns and expired products
  • Facilitated production planning
  • Readily available updated price listings (base, specials, volume rebates)
  • Sales history and statistics updated by product and by client
  • Reports generator facilitating the decision-making process

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