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MAG Integration in Ontario

I Crave Natural Foods implements Mi-Trace in the manufacture of gluten free foods.

I Crave Natural Foods, a young Ontarian enterprise specializing in the production of gluten free foods has benefited from financial aid from the Traceability Foundations Initiative (TFI), a joint federal-provincial program, for the implementation of the Mi-Trace system from MAG Integration. 

This particular project consisted in interconnecting the management activities involved in the traceability of three enterprises, the product supplier (Purest), the transformation enterprise (I Crave Natural Foods Ltd.) and the distributor (Energive Food).

This project enabled the Mi-Trace system to retrace and remove 100% of the targeted products within five hours.  It is estimated that the system will pay for itself in about a year.

Growing rapidly, we have been contacted by new distributors and large market chains.  The adherence to international standards, such as The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the Gluten Free Certification is one of their requirements.  A traceability system like the one we have implemented is essential to attaining and maintaining a level of quality which meets the standards and enables us to have access to these new markets. Rick Payant, president of I Crave Natural Foods Ltd.