Every Aspect of HR Management in One Integrated and Efficient Application

Whether you use a time clock, time-sheets or a combination of both, the capture of employees’ time is a crucial task for every company.punch04

Inter-Punch interfaces with a majority of presence sensors

Alone or in combination with time-sheets, Inter-Punch will automate the entry of your employees’ time. 

One can determine parameters for Inter-Punch and the latter will adjust to the rules in your collective agreement. Thus, you will obtain filtered information which will be automatically transferred over to the other modules such as payroll and the control of presence and absence, or to external applications such as, cost price, project management, and others.

HorairesPro : an innovative and advantageous solution for all

  • Retail Trade Sector
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Services Sector

HorairesPro features many functionalities allowing you to optimize the work schedules specific to your organization

Staffing Requirements:

HorairesPro offers you several methods to manage the idea of workforce requirements for a specific period, from automatically generating requirements based on sales and the number of clients registered during regular periods to seasonal templates that can be adapted for the period in question. 

Work Schedule :

Once  you have determined and adjusted your requirements, HorairesPro can quickly generate a schedule taking into account numerous factors such as:

The availability of employees, the leave granted and the annual leave to come, the skills required to be assigned to a specific job, the rules regarding seniority, rules pertaining to frequency (working one weekend in 3, two nights every two weeks, etc.), and exceptions to the rule (minimal hours, maximum hours, not scheduling an employee if the employee was on night shift the night before, etc.).

More than 20 rules can be activated or deactivated in order to produce a schedule that meets your requirements.

HorairesPro includes the management of permanent and temporary employees, whether on a fixed or variable timetable or a combination of both.

Many functions such as the management of availability and replacements are optimized thereby allowing the supervisor to manage quickly and easily.

HorairesPro uses WEB technologies which greatly facilitates the exchange of employees from one branch to another, the inter-bank research for specific skills or any other information deemed useful. 

You can also, if you so wish, give your employees direct access to certain functions via “an employee window”to facilitate the management of availability via Internet and/or the transmission of schedules by e-mail, a variety of notices, etc.

Inter-Paie helps you to centralize and control your overall costs related to the payroll management of your employees.

Inter-Paie can be used in an automation mode for pay management purposes, or integrated with the whole software package in the RH group. 

Inter-Paie offers all the advantages of internal and centralized pay management while at the same time reducing the workload related to this task.

Inter-Paie features a vast structure of gains and deductions which can be combined in a variety of ways to provide an in-depth breakdown of your expenses in the area of  salaries and social benefits  as well as the control on deductions at source and amounts owed to the different levels of government, associations, and so forth. 

The possibility of transferring data over to the cost price and project management systems is easy and flexible.

You have specific functionalities and requirements? inc. will develop the algorithms required to integrate your particular needs in payroll processing and HR management.

Do not hesitate! You can immediately avail yourself of the advantages of an integrated system adapted to your needs.

Main Functions:

  • Employee’s Worksheet  
  • Timesheet Management
  • Management of Training
  • Skills Management
  • Payroll and Seniority Management 
  • Presence/Absence Management
  • CSST File 
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Management of CV’s 
  • Equipment Management
  • Management of Annual Leave

  • Management of banks of hours
  • Management of the 1% law
  • Group Insurance
  • Surveys
  • Expense Accounts
  • Follow-up on Affiliations
  • Management of Procedures
  • Unions and Grievances
  • Payroll Transfers
  • Employee Window
  • Electronic Management of Employee Files

Proposed Solutions

Main Advantages of INTER-HR™:

You have access to a vast database on info derived from CV’s pertaining to  schooling, skills and attributes of candidates.

You can build many models for job descriptions or create specific job descriptions depending on your mandates.

You have access to a module to post positions to be filled and to apply via Internet which automatically filters the candidates based on the model used for the position.  

The mandate can specify qualifications, specifications and restrictions based on the positions to be filled.

You have access to a powerful search module for CV’s capable of filtering many factors (schooling, skills, attributes, etc.).

A note-taking system on clients, mandates, and so forth.

Many more functionalities and characteristics…