A Scalable Architecture

The applications developed by MAG Integration can be deployed for a single user and up to several hundreds, regardless of the architecture of the controlling server.  The configuration of the architecture is centrally managed in order to provide operational reliability and business continuity, thus ensuring total security.

A technology withstanding the test of time

The applications developed by MAG Integration can easily be modernized from one mode of deployment to a more recent one, without having to modify the initial code.

A  thoroughly smooth migration

With MAG, the renewal and redeployment of your most critical computer systems are done in a smooth fashion. Rest assured, whatever your applications, your infrastructure, or your databases, we will guide you in the management of the whole process. 

An heterogeneous computer scene, simplified MAG integration solutions

As with most enterprises,  you are evolving in an heterogeneous computer landscape. Therefore, you are faced with the challenge of sharing data and codes between applications, databases, operating systems and a variety of geographical locations. Many enterprises, as may be the case with yours, experienced difficulty in integration which led to inefficient and counterproductive results.

On the contrary, MAG integration solutions  are easy to configure and ready to be used. They are scalable and compatible with every data base and standard data management technology.  MAG’s smart approach improves performance by reducing risks and by shortening implementation delays. 

The MAG platform provides a superior level of interoperability and connectivity for the integration of a variety of technologies and standards: databases, operating systems, Web services, mail, FTP and directories, code .NET, code JAVA, code RPG, http, and others. In the same manner, our wide range of certified and optimized connectors and adaptors enable the integration of the main ERP, CRM, financial software and other current systems in business, such as SAP,, Oracle, etc.


The Advantages of MAG Integration :

  • Implementation 10 times faster
  • Sustainable technology
  • Technical support of a high caliber backed up by more than 20 years of field experience 
  • Agility and flexibility capable of adapting to your evolving needs and technologies
  • Significant risk reduction in terms of human error

Quick, cost-effective and transparent migration from one generation of technology to the next

A crucial advantage: the management of several operating systems.

MAG Integration’s technological approach is based on its capacity to support several operating systems. The module on the server side can be deployed on various operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, IBM I and Linux, without having to modify a project’s source code.  Similarly, the module on the client side can be deployed on Microsoft Windows, Rim BlackBerry, Apple IOS (iPhone and iPad) and Google Android, as well as on all future mobile platforms. 

With MAG Integration, each development project becomes a sure investment.

MAG Integration, or how to simplify complexity!