In order to meet your current and future needs, MAG Integration offers you robust mobile computing tools, at the lowest possible price. 


The multidisciplinary team at MAG Integration has been working for many years on the development and integration of simplified solutions in the area of supply chains, inventory management, planning and control of activities related to production. 

While simplifying communications between systems, our tools require minimal maintenance and provide the following advantages:

  • The shortest deadline to deliver complex programs and modify programming;
  • The portability of the current programming into an internet environment;
  • The communication with the most recent technologies; (XML, Java, SOAP, COM,, etc.);
  • The compatibility with different environments client/server or mainframe and with the main relational database systems.

A unified solution to simplify the management of complex, changing and heterogeneous environments

MAG Integration has developed a special expertise with export-oriented manufacturing enterprises  

Enterprises are evolving in complex, changing and heterogeneous environments. In order to enable them to successfully meet these challenges, we offer them unified computing solutions for management purposes that are reliable, flexible, safe and easy to use.


To accomplish this, our team includes experts in Applied Computing, in Business Administration (MIS), in Operations Management (CPIM) and in Programming. Since 2000, MAG Integration is a certified enterprise MAGIC Software, an international public company (NASDA-MGIC) whose purpose is to increase the value of computer systems by improving the degree of integration of applications and the possibilities for future developments.

With the support of a browser-free technology, our unified development systems can include every aspect of your processes. 

Through the support of a single application platform, our solutions can be perfectly adapted to meet all the requirements related to your applications, which are now independent from the operating systems, databases and the material platforms. Your operations will be freed from the tedious task of selecting settings and user adjustments. 

Our commitment

Deliver robust applications meeting the budget and deadlines
Optimize the compatibility among the enterprise’s different data
Optimize the portability of solutions onto different servers
Minimize the current and future maintenance costs related to your computing tools

Our impact

Access to more precise, more relevant and more condensed information in order to facilitate managerial decision-making
Lower costs by integrating the current applications into improved procedures 
Improvement in personnel efficiency and in their level of satisfaction when using software
A real return on investment

A few problems you will no longer have to encounter:

  • Poor performance of your current system
  • Obsolescence of your systems due to the growth of your enterprise (increase in the number of employees, exporting opportunities, more sophisticated procedures) 
  • Managerial reports
  • Insufficient and low productivity levels
  • Non-compliant deliveries
  • Insufficient expertise in the development and adaptation to the applications in the area of transactional e-commerce

How ?

Through the implementation of a durable, flexible and practical product, at the forefront of data technology
Through the development of customized durable software and its integration into your environment,with the possibility of an outsourcing service