Blog Post With the acquisition of Inter-Soft




With the acquisition of Inter-Soft

MAG Integration is expanding its services in the field of human resources management.

With the recent acquisition of Inter-Soft, a reputable and well-established enterprise in the field of human resources management covering the entire province of Quebec, MAG Integration is expanding the range of its products and services offered to all its clients.

The combined experience and expertise of the two businesses will enable MAG Integration to offer products that perform even better in all aspects related to human resources management.  More specifically, you will be given access to computer tools enabling you to input and process time data and to centralize and control the overall costs related to payroll management.

Your enterprise will also benefit from using tools which will optimize the work schedules of permanent and temporary employees, working on fixed or variable timetables, while taking into account the particular aspects unique to each structure.  Regarding recruiting, your enterprise will profit from a detailed database for CV’s, enabling you to do research based on your needs and attributes of candidates.

Finally, all the modules and features will be integrated into one powerful application, completely tailored to your corporate structure and operations.  Besides enlarging the team at MAG’s and expanding its field of competence, this acquisition is an additional product and service enabling enterprises to answer their overall needs at the same source and with the same experienced and dedicated team.