Blog Post Access to the Tax Credit for IT




Access to the Tax Credit for IT

Groupe Ferron is making the shift to Mi-Trace traceability. 

Groupe Ferron, a leader in the transformation of seafood products, worked in collaboration with MAG Integration in implementing the Mi-Trace traceability system.  In order to do this, the company benefited from the tax credit related to the integration of information technology (IT).  This program, which supports the acquisition or updating of software packages, enables enterprises to optimize their business processes in order to make the technology shift in a constantly changing and competitive environment.

Groupe Ferron, founded 30 years ago, has 250 employees and conducts business in the fish products industry all over the world.  The implementation of the Mi-Trace integrated modules has enabled the enterprise to improve its activities significantly at every stage of operation:  management of inventories of remote cold storage warehouses, of transactions conducted abroad and of traceability, labelling, sales forecasting and production planning, etc.