It lets you control each step of the process from entering the mandate to invoicing and payroll employees.

Many tools are integrated to the multi-criteria search for desired resources , the allocation of resources , generation and management timesheets.

Through the use of machines online for customers and employees , it allows the optimization of communications as well as the acceleration and optimization of processes.

Several performance indicators will inform you about workflow as well as comparative results against your goals.

INTER-PLACEMENT™ is critical to the success of your strategic business tool.

INTER-PLACEMENT™ is a strategic tool developed specifically for companies specializing in temporary staffing .

Proposed Solutions

The main advantages for your client, for you and for your resources.

  • The client can place his mandates via the client window on the internet or in the conventional manner.
  • The statement and the confirmation of the mandates can be visualized in real time by the client via the client window on the internet or these can be communicated to him by phone, e-mail or fax.
  • The personnel time sheets are automatically generated based on how  resources have been assigned to the mandates. 
  • The client can approve the time sheets via internet or in the usual manner.
  • The client can specify qualifications, specifications and restrictions according to the positions to be filled.
  • You have access to a powerful search module to find the appropriate resources, a module capable of filtering across several factors (qualifications, restrictions, availability, task assignments, etc.)
  • An extensive data bank on personnel qualifications (schooling, skills, attributes, availability, etc.). 
  • An extensive database on the clients’ specifications regarding their requirements in terms of positions and procedures (parking, dress code, contacts, etc.)
  • A note-taking system linked to clients, resources, mandates and so forth.
  • The resources can enter their availability via internet.
  • The resources can modify and confirm their time sheets via internet.
  • The resources can consult the task assignments available that correspond to their qualifications via internet.
  • The resources can ask to be assigned to task assignments that correspond to their qualifications via internet. 
  • The system can sustain a variety of pricing models.
  • Many more functions and features…